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Music at the Clubs
Q:Is there a way to know what kind of music the club will be playing on a certain night? One Thursday at Marquee they were playing lots of 80's music. The next Thursday they were playing mostly hip hop. What's up with that? I'm trying to find a club to have a friend's birthday at but good dancing music is essential. Should I call and ask or is that tacky?

-- "SW in NYC"

A:Dear SW

It's not tacky. Clubs want you to be interested in them. (Except for the snooty ones and it would be too tough to have a party at one of those, n'est-ce pas?)

Call and ask. Some spots have web sites; B.E.D. NYC has one as does The Plumm but since what plays changes at some spot literally week to week, or even that night if say a DJ cancels. It's best to ring on the phone for a schedule.

Many nightspots will hire a DJ on the strength of his or her set and following. i.e. if Samantha Ronson is spinning, you're in for a lot of Michael Jackson. Jonathan Fine does a lot of trance. Moses or Audio Moe loves the remixes. Coleman is king of the mashups. I like his mix of Milkshake with Michael. So another way to go about it is to follow the DJ. If you hear a set you like, follow the person. Ask his or her name and get a web site or email so that you can find out their spin schedule.

Hope that helps,
~The QB

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