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Summer Romances
Q:Dear HipChick

I met the cutest boy on the roof at The Standard and we seemed to hit it off. He took me to Koi, Las Palmas, then after the second date he vanished. What happened to him?

-- "Jeannie L. , Silver Lake CA"

A:Jeannie. honey.

Do you have us confused with Dear Abby?
We cover hip destinations, darling; we didn't kidnap your sweetie for a drink at Sky Bar or Koi!

That said, here's our two Euros for you.

In HipLand, there is this phenomena called The Two Date Bermuda Triangle. You go out with some scenester, think you have a great time and then s/he just vanishes. It's like they go to some island (not Ibiza, mind you) and you never hear from them again. Now, the bizarre thing is, you will see the boy you paddled around the inflatable pool with on the street, you'll run into your grocer at Tokyo Joes in London, but you will never see this guy ever again.

Sometimes they resurface for a brief second from The Island of Lost Second Dates, but only for a split second. Like a prairie dog.

What can we say? Get a key card to A60 in NYC and meet a new cutie!

Now, don't you want to know something meaningful like what the next big movie is or jean label or what we think of Toby Young?

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