Electric Room
355 West 16th Street
Dream Downtown
212 229 2511

It takes creativity to give a space in such a gleaming establishment a bit of grunge appeal and Nur Khan does this. Sure you can get to the Electric Room via the stairs near the back elevators, but why would you when you can go down the Harif Gunzman- decorated garage ramp outside. To that end, this club is really just a small room (for 100 people) with some rocking music and a whole lot of musicians (and the celebs who love them) dancing amidst the Brit-rock themed interiors. Kellan Lutz, Alexander Skarsgaard, The Kills' Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart, Rose McGowan, Ali Hewson, Carla Gugino, have all been through here. Chance of beer being spilled on you by a bona fide star? 87%.


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Electric Room
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