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Ziplining the Mountain

The Olympics begin Feb 6th in Sochi. And the winter Olympics always makes me think of ziplining. Because I ziplined Vancouver in 2010. So for this newsletter, I'm highlighting two places you can do this on both the west and east coasts. (For those of you into more tropical spots, I'll do a ziplining the jungle article later on.) Here's what I did. And how you can too.
P.S. coming up, I'm going to the Iditarod (!!) this year. Yes, will tell you how to also.

West Coast ziplining
A short shuttle from downtown Vancouver is amazing Whistler Mountain. There's a lot of ziplining in the world. But I figure you want the most scenic, highest and longest. Superfly is pretty accurately named. Their highest line is 1.2km long and 639 feet above the valley floor. Another one of their lines is the longest in Canada, 1.3km in length. When I tell you, it's similar to flying at epic speeds, this is not an exaggeration. On their Godzilla line, you can reach speeds of 102km/hr (63mph). I am pretty sure there's people still deaf down in Vancouver from my screaming. (Ok, maybe not. I'm not a wuss. But let's just say, it's not called Cougar Mountain for no reason. There's a lot of wildlife down in that valley.) The Superfly 6-line tour is 3-5 hours long and costs $129. (There are also Ziptrek tours starting at $71.)

East Coast ziplining
For those of you closer to the east coast, Hunter Mountain in New York has four miles of ziplines. Some of the lines through New York Zipline Adventure Tours reaches heights of close to 700 feet above the ground and speeds of nearly 50mph (96km/hr). Those wanting thrills want the summit SkyRider but this spot also has family-friendly zips, such as the Mid Mountain, with short ziplines, rope bridges, swinging bridges and other canopy tour elements for those who want something tamer.

Now you...
Book Vancouver through Whistler Zipline Tours at 1.800.944.7853 and NY's Hunter Mountain through 1.518.263.4388

I hope you love your tension moment!

A piece of the action...
Can't make it to either U.S. coast but want a piece of this experience anyway? I wore Oakley both times I went to the Olympics. Their eyewear is shatterproof and the Olympic standard for snowboarders, speed skaters, cyclists and skiers. If it's good enough for gold medalists, it's good enough for us!

~above~ Ziplining during the Winter Olympics.
All rights reserved. Image copyright Syl Tang.

To Watch: Cool Runnings on DVD.
Jamaica's bobsleigh team ends their 12-yr absence from Winter Olympics as they go to Sochi this year. And this classic never gets old. Cool Runnings

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