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Extremely Last Minute Gifts People Actually Want

Happy holidays. Checked out our site lately? Reviews are up for The Darby, The Hurricane Club, John Dory Oyster Bar, The Bunker and so forth. Of course, you'd know this if you followed me on Twitter, hint hint. I keep promising prizes for my Twitter followers - that email really is coming kids.

Still not done shopping? Here's our Extremely Last Minute Guide of Stuff People Actually Want. And no, we didn't take cash (or checks or cards) to recommend any of them.

Business Cards from TinyPrints.com
It takes about five minutes to make absolutely stunning business cards that look like you hired a graphic designer on this easy to use website. Wouldn't this make a super gift for your job-hunting friend? Bet someone watching their pennies wouldn't mind you springing for this required job-search tool.

Wink Strips from Shutterfly.com
My friend Bruce has been sending me postcards from his travels for nearly 2 decades. So impressive. I'm not that good. This website combines my obsession with photobooths (since seeing Beaches) with postcards. Upload photos (even from your phone), enter your friends addresses (yes it stores them if you want) and ding! Instant postcards - they print, they send, no hunting for stamps during your holidays. Put some credits in your favourite travelers accounts.

Dyson vacuum cleaner
Whoever said never to gift home appliances never received the DC26. This turbo canister is great for apartments, especially as the flat nozzle gets into every single corner. www.bedbathandbeyond.com

It's a "get one chic accessory a month" club for $29.95/mo (includes shipping! And you can skip a month any time without charge) from Christian Siriano, Divya Gugnani and Mariah Chase. Think of it as more personal than cash, and yet still letting your friend (or employee) choose to her own taste. Buying her accessories for a year will also give you brag rights to say you knew about this site first.

Yes they still have pumpkin chocolate corn, trail mix, and fruit of the month boxes, but my obsession is the Pie of the Month club. You heard me right. Chicken pie, apple pie, peach pie, I never met a pie I didn't like. Hint, hint, gotta keep the dieticians in business.

They make snowpant jeans, a non-bulky 800-fill parka, sexy little quilted skiing skirts, a puffer jacket that expands from a pouch, all-weather travel pants that look like designer pants. Who wouldn't want a giftcard to this site?

Land's End
The travel collection has suitcases that weigh less than a laptop. Plus monograms! End stop out. www.landsend.com

anything from FEED.org
I particularly like the Gucci purse featured in the FT Power Dressing I wrote about Caryl Stern. Proceeds go to feed children - what's more holiday spirit than that?

Victoria's Secret Bombshell
Rare is it I suggest fragrance. It's so individual. But this passionfruit scent reminds me of long-gone Prescriptives Calyx. Really nice.

3 month subscription to this site will give someone you want to hear from unlimited calling to landlines in 40 countries worldwide. Writing on someone's Facebook wall is not real communication; give the gift of voice.

Oakley eyewear
Theirs is the only sunwear that has shatterproof and no-distortion lens, prevents rocks from flying in your eyes, and are trusted by Olympians the world over. Yes, I definitely drank the Kool-Aid but aren't the eyes of your staff worth it? Go with good sunglasses. www.oakley.com

Transitions lens
Speaking of. Oakley partner with Transitions for those who spend more time in the office and need pure day glasses. And Transitions lens go into zillions of cutting edge frames - and they really do work, Gattaca-esque changing from clear to dark without you noticing a thing. All you need to do is write a beautiful card setting a date to take your loved one to the eyewear store. Bonus: not squinting keeps the wrinkles away.

Count Me Healthy bracelet
A New Year's resolution counter that looks posh, this silver bangle will help your friend quit smoking, drink more water, eat more fruit and veg, counting anything from workouts per week, daily prescriptions, baby's feedings, even golf strokes per hole. Amazing. www.countmehealthyjewelry.com

Good luck with those last minute gifts and see you in 2011!

above From the Victoria's Secret's Bombshell launch. Passionfruit, peonies, orchid with a touch of Moscato d'Asti Italian grapes (!) and the body powder is just $15. Trust us, every woman wants to feel this gorgeous. Oh, fab image courtesy of Victoria's Secret.

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