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The New New Thing

A lot has been happening while I've been covering style for the Financial Times kids. For one thing, L.A. fashion week actually got serious. Go figure. Meanwhile, here's the update from HipGuide's little blue book...

Black Calvados and Le Paris Paris are the new spots to eat and dance in Paris. Alex de Betak's spot has so many fashion people in it, it's crazy!

In London, I've added the Astor Bar and Grill (it's the old Atlantic). And also Cuckoo Club and Paper. Megan, our gal on the ground there gave a big thumbs down to Cirque so it will be up for just a couple of weeks. It's that huge Hippodrome space.

In NY, check out Aspen, Del Posto, and Morimoto as the new places to nosh. For foodies who can't stand the "scene", check out Tocqueville, which has more seats in it's new location.

I know there's a lot of buzz around Buddakan but they're a bit full of themselves right now so do like I did and go down to Philly for Stephen's spots. No tude with your food there.

For those too lazy to leave the Upper East Side, you could try Bruno Jamais (it's a bit like Regine's meets the old Au Bar) And on the Upper West Side, Loft and Aix. Dancingwise there's also Pre:Post and the moved Pink Elephant.

I recently got my hair cut at Julien Farel and I like them though not as much as I'm into Roy Teeluck who is a hair genius if you ask me.

The newly married Vikram Chatwal's hot ticket for your out of town guests is his new Night hotel.

A good midtown restaurant is hard to find and my new fave is Bond 45.

I also hit the west coast and added Hotel Metropolis and Steinhart Hotel to my picks for hotels in San Francisco. Otis Lounge and Le Duplex are the good drinking spots.

Down in La-La where I was doing TV, my new favourite place is Citizen Smith for late night L.A. eats. I also like Ford's Filling Station which is Harrison's son's place up in Culver City, if like me you were staying at the Loews in Santa Monica for part of the time. Drinkswise, check out The Lobby (formerly the Lounge). Brent Bolthouse has hooked up with Sam Nazarian and that's powerful. Also still good is Amanda Scheer Demme's poolside bar at the Roosevelt Hotel called the Tropicana.

The best thing to happen to Miami shopping is Arrive. They have so many exclusives (Reebok, McQueen) it's worth the flight. I swear all the Williamsburg, weedwacker haircut kids have moved down there; they hang out at Stop bar.

Now that I'm back in hometown, you can find me writing my pieces at Sascha (yes kids, it's the new Pastis.)

Bye for now!

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above: The gorgeous Astor Bar and Grill in London.
Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

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