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HipGifts 2003

Who has time to buy gifts when you're busy jetting back and forth?
But get off that Gulfstream for a second because not all gifts are created equal.
Here's our annual gift guide so you have no excuse not to be a hip giver.


1. Mexx
is the next H & M. So get a jump on that bandwagon and get them a gift certificate.

2. Post Card boots
While at Snowmass in Colorado, we saw Post Card's warm lace up boots. Sleeker than the Uggs we love, and more available than Coach's gorgeous laceups, these knee high shearling/lapin boots have an advantage, they come in black.
212 813 2410 to find a nearby shop...

3. Bentley GT
Sure, everyone can get a Mercedes Maybach. But even Jack Nicholson and Nicolas Cage are trying to cut the line to get a GT. There's a reason.

4. An apartment created by TRU designer Laura Kirar
Esquire hired her to do the kitchen in their apartment at Trump World. Starwood's Westin Hotels trust her eye. She changed the dining world forever with her work on the now-defunct Fressen in NYC.

5. Richard Meier's Dom Perignon case
Page Six may feel no one really needs a carrying case for his or her champagne. HipGuide disagrees. You can never have too much bubbly. Architect Richard Meier's limited edition lucite case for Dom Perignon (holds 6 bottles of champagne) is especially collectible since only 250 are being produced for the holidays.


1. The Karma Chameleon phone
It plays Boy George’s "Karma Chameleon" when it rings. Nothing more to explain than that.

2. Patrick McMullan's So80s
Sometimes people ask us how long we've been clubbing. Um. We were at Area, MK, Danceteria, hanging out at the corner of 10th Ave and 13th when meat was still packing. This book captures that time when Madonna still had furry brows and you could smoke in bars.
so8os: A Photographic Diary of a Decade

3. Party Monster : A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland
The book by James St. James was made into a Macaulay Culkin film. Doesn't get more horrifying than that. The stories about Peter Gatien's minions are true. Well...it might be what could be remembered after they did all that Special K.
Party Monster : A Fabulous But True Tale of Murder in Clubland


1. Brownies from Beverly Hills
If it's good enough for celebs to mail, it's good enough for you. These brownies have their own little world 'o' fame, as even in the location, they sell hundreds of them a day.

2. A membership to one of the members only clubs/concierges
Though technically many of these are not for sale, see if you can pull enough strings to gift one to someone deserving.
In LA or NY, The Spider Club,
In NY or London, Soho House and Quintessentially,
In NYC, Fast Metropolis,
In LA and all over the U.S., Mint Lifestyle.


1. The make-up clutch from NYCSL
By definition tourist gifts used to mean tacky. But in black with a racey red trim, this clutch with the NYC subway map printed on it is so chic, it transcends any other souvenir you could ever buy.

2. Bronx Soundwalk
Adidas helped make this 3 CD insider's walking tour of the South Bronx happen. Taking you through Yankee Stadium, Hunts Point (all about graffitti culture as narrated by Tats Cru) and the Bronx River Projects (the birth of hip hop and Zulu Nation as narrated by Jazzy J), this NPR-esque CD is a collector's item of cool urban culture. Afrika Bambaataa and Red Alert are highlights.
NYC: The Bronx 2004

3. Gift Certificate to ZipCar
What's better than being able to rent a MINI Cooper or a BMW for just an hour when you need to?

4. Virgin's CD/MP3 player
Apple might think we're chucking our CDs for their iPod, but we know better. Virgin Pulse's Personal CD/MP3 Player hits just in time for the holidays. The price is right and it's sleek, sleek, sleek.
Virgin Pulse Personal CD Player with MP3/WMA Playback and Wired Remote - VP04

5. Tickets on Song
Delta's new airline is really giving JetBlue a run for their money. So you can't send the G5 out to pick up your guest, well, with tasty food, on demand movies and games, this airline appeals to the jetset in even the thriftiest of flyers.


1. John Allans Gift Certificate
No longer looking like a gruff bear, these days, even the straight guy can give the gay guy a run for his money. And the pioneer of mens grooming in a way that remains masculine is the full service and product line offered by John Allan.

2. Nickel Ennemi
Nickel is the spa for guys. The place that invented that sadly overused word "metrosexual" is out with a new scent for men. Under the theory that all guys have a "fighter" not just a "lover" inside them, this new smell will impress even the most dandy of your male friends.
800 232 1854

3. A subscription to Nest AND Best
Nest of course being the edgy home magazine. Now there's Best, a new shopping magazine for guys. With techno gadget coverage, cars and lifestyle info, Best aspires to change the fact that women in the U.S. make 80% of all purchasing decisions.


1. Baby UGGs
So you spawned. We forgive you. Now dress up that little tot correctly. We think the new baby pink and blue baby UGGs are so precious we could scream.

2. Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD board game
What's more pop culture than using a TV to play a board game? The teens will love you.
Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Game

3. Portal's CD
Sometimes it's hard to know what a youngster will like. You'll never be cool "that" way again so show them you can discover something new. The band Portal has been described as the new millenium's Duran Duran.

4. Furla coin purse from the Pets collection
The sleek bag maker, has a whole slew of new shops opening, shoes and jewelry, all of which give fellow luxury accessorisers a run for their money, but we like best, their little animal purses. In the shape of fishies with scales.


1. TiVO
Once you go TiVo, you never go back. This smart recording device digitally tapes all the shows you want automatically and allows you to fast forward and rewind.
TiVo Series2 40 Hour Digital Video Recorder

2. Sirius Audiovox unit
Ditto with satellite radio. Once you realise what you can have on demand... 100 channels of commercial-free radio. We happen to like the Audiovox unit.
Sirius Audiovox unit on their site

3. Sony DVD recorder
Camcorders are so last decade. Make your own DVDs.
Sony RDR-GX7 Component DVD Recorder

4. Loreo 3D Camera
The Loreo Photokit looks like a regular camera and uses regular 35 mm film but it takes 3D pictures, viewable with their viewer unit. How ViewMaster of them.

As always, there is nothing hipper than charity. Our recommendation for 2003 is Doctors Without Borders. Illness makes no class nor racial distinction so please help the selfless doctors who give their time.

Happy Holidays!
We're off to the Little Nell!

above NYCSL's completely chic cosmopolitan clutch

Who doesn't want to see a feel-good movie at holiday time? Far from being a chick flick, opening on the 19th is CALENDAR GIRLS, the true story of a group of British women who raise money for their local hospital after one of their husband's passes away from cancer, by making a calendar, a controversial nude calendar. Starring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, this movie surprised us with its poignancy and gentle lesson, so timely in an era of instant celebrity.


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