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Musica Musica

Tell us that you don't have that same sad Dave Matthews CD on repeat.

You cannot be truly hip if you do not have a global view of music. We recently went to A Night and Day of French Music, where labels such as Atmospheriques (Grand Popo Football Club), Royal River (Raphael Fays), Universal (Mylene Farmer, Lara Fabian), and V2 (Moby, Stereophonics, White Stripes, Underworld) showcased new talent...

From African to flamenco to electronica to blues, here is a rundown on 5 artists you should be keeping an ear on, and who we're already listening to...

1. NoJazz
They call it electrojazz.
We think it's dance meets salsa, with a splash of French rap and horns. Even someone who claims they don't dance will find themselves dancing to the irresistible rendition of Candela. If Orishas and the Gipsy Kings had children, this would be it.

2. Toure Toure
Afro-pop band Toure Toure, although from Senegal, is a bit Nina Simone, a bit Thomas Crown Affair, and more listenable than fellow Senegalese Youssou n'Dour (the artist who went on to influence Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon...) The band is headed by cousins Omar Toure on percussion and vocals and Daby Toure on guitar, who are respectively nephew and son of the legendary Toure Kunda, the Senegalese band originally led by Amadou Ismaila and Sixu Toure.
The album Ladde

3. Raphael Fays
We didn't know what a guitar could do until we saw someone extract from it what Raphael Fays can. Inspired by the jazz great Django Reinhardt, Raphael's guitar music is a bit Flamenco, a bit Rhumba. And a whole lot Paris cafes and Andalusian or Basque gypsy nights. In that spy movie you star in where the women are jewel thieves who wear trench coats while smoking Gitanes in holders and the men are dastardly and waiting under street lamps, this is the soundtrack you'd hear.
p.s. ignore the painfully cheesy cover art on the album Guitar Romance which is on the Royal River label.
Raphael Fays' Impressions Andalouses (En Concert)

4. Rouge Rouge
Easily one of the best tracks from Hotel Costes 5 was Rouge Rouge's L'Amour. Although superstars in their hometown, outside of France, Rouge Rouge can be eclipsed by the press around fellow label-mate and unstoppable music force Stephane Pompougnac. This hidden jewel in the Pschent- Wagram family is duo Jean Croc (Radio Nova and a superstar DJ who started spinning at Colony, a gay club in Paris in the 80s) and Nicolas Errèra (whose past groups, records, and film soundtracks include Grand Popo Football Club, Cravate Club, Le Papillon and L'outremangeur). The electronic lounge tunes all about love and falling in love with women (from two French men? Sans doute...) includes "Décide-toi" which has been used in a Mercedes commercial...and our favourite, L'Amour avec toi, with Katy Braitman.
Ce Soir, Après Dîner, imported by MSI

5. Robots in Disguise
Someone from Williamsburg, Brooklyn must have gotten a hold of this band's 2001 self- titled album and then dialed it down to make the roots of electro-clash. However electro-clash would be one musical note to this group's full range sound of pop, electro, chanteuse mix. We picture Dee Plume and Sue Denim's multi-lingual tune "DIY" playing in the living room of everyone from Courtney Love to Tinkerbell.
www.robotsindisguise.co.uk on Recall Group

Some other interesting albums:
1. Mukhta's Pearls would be perfect stoner music for some Indian film score.
2. Souad Massi's Raoui, Nana Mouskouri on Valium
3. Faudel's Un Autre Soleil, if Justin Timberlake were French...
4. Era's The Mass, a Pop rendition of Gregorian chant
5. Sandra Rumolino's Por La Vuelta, Argentian chanteuse.

Recently we found out that PETA complained about Martha Stewart cooking crabs on her show. We couldn't help but wonder; "What happens when PETA people get crabs? Do they use RID? Or do they have to set them free?"
Well, the lean years must have been really boring for PETA, but now that the economy is definitely back...
Dennis Basso, furrier to the ladies who lunch between surgeries, has a new shop. In attendance at the spectacular NYC opening was every wealthy, beautiful woman of both coasts, wearing rocks the size of ostrich eggs. Star Jones, Patti Labelle, Janice Combs, Ivana Trump, discretely later Donald and Melania...


cover to Rouge Rouge's red hot album

We hear that Prada is scouting the streets of New York for regular folk to be in their ad campaign next year...


Can you give me free help throwing my bachelorette party?

Alas no, we do not provide free personal event planning.
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Sometimes events are part of our client work.

But never bachelorette parties.

so many labels, so difficult to know what to wear.
Let MiMa tell you....


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