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This Week's HipBites

Amuse My Bouche

*Huff*...*Puff*... That's us chasing after trends and news for you.
This edition the HipTips are in tiny amuse-bouche portions.
LOTS to tell you. SO little time!
Tips. Trends. Some new spots.

Oliver Peyton's new restaurant, Villa Zevaco in Morocco. Go to divine Jarbah (Tunisia) for a mid Autumn holiday and lay over so that you can swing through this must-try spot on the way home.
212 22 36 60 00

The Rapture, The Stills & The Witnesses
Proof that there's no need for you to be listening to Wayne Newton sings John Tesh. Maybe you can't distinguish between all the bands named, "'the' something". Ah. Let us help you... We can't stop singing: The Stills' Still in Love. Sooooo catchy. Since the EP of 4 songs is on Vice Records, we think their NYC shop is the only place you can pick it up. And we might have the last copy...
With a recent stint at a Doc Marten party, The Rapture are now focused on their album release for Echoes this month.
Speaking of "'the' something" bands; The Witnesses are the band the Strokes go to hear. Perfect at Joyce Marie Kraus' runway show, they defy the cliche garage band sound and are so perf now that we are way over electroclash ruining true rock.

Asian Dreds?
No, no kidding.
Spotted all Fashion Week.
Also at Joyce Marie Leslie's fashion show.
At the Canal Room.
At Fader's party with Moby for the new Hayden Planetarium show Sonic Vision (scary momentary flashback of little laser cowboys at their Laser Light Show in the 80s...ack! ack! the Escape Club...)

Sick of standing around waiting for something... anything... to happen; the whole lounge- $15- martini thing? Michael Ault (Chaos, Spy, Pangaea) says his new spot will entertain you instead you having to bring your own fun. What with life- size copper and bronze light fixtures from Bram Stoker's Dracula and a 30 foot Weeping Beech tree as just some of the detail of his new club, we're envisioning a Venetian carnivale meets Eyes Wide Shut and we can't wait.
Bleecker Street
NYC, next to Senor Swanky's (go figure)
mid October
no number yet.

Gnome Liberation Front
Who cares about the Illuminati and the Priory of Sion when there's a real conspiracy going on. Still active in 2003, this group gained recognition with a mass suicide of gnomes at Briey, France in September '98, when 11 gnomes were found dangling by their necks under a bridge. A letter nearby threatened, "When you read these few words we will no longer be part of your selfish world, where we serve merely as pretty decoration."
www.freethegnomes.com www.gnome007.fsnet.co.uk

Virgin Threads
Trust us and throw out that sweater with the hole in the elbow 'cause "homeless chic" is out. We like the Yuma Topeka "food" themed denim skirts and Chandi's grey fringe rabbit t-shirt.

Sting. Free.
Chicago's Grant Park.
Don't bug us, bug the Am Ex Blue people.
October 7

Dating for the Chronically Beautiful
Another use for those headshots you got conned into! To our mindset, Lavalife is too desperate, Match is too random, JDate too exclusionary. Let's face it, if you're a gold medalist in the Beauty Olympics, what is there for you? If you can get over the arrogance of it all:

Juan Antonio Lopez
Though Spanish Elle called him the next Blahnik, we disagree- Juan Antonio Lopez is much more wearable than Mssr. Blahnik. Sorry Manolo, but this new designer line's footwear is more suited to city. Cynthia Steffe thinks so also, as the models in her Spring 04 show all wore these shoes. Wonder shoes unite. Form of primary colour kitten heels in patent leather for a mere $180 to confetti-ridden clear plastic pumps.
at Nahbee, Institute, Assets London and Shop, NYC.

The oracle otherwise known as the textile manufacturers have spoken.
Butter yellow for Spring.
Proof was everywhere on the runways.
At Shelly Steffee, Roland Mouret, Rude Girl Rive Gauche, Venexiana, Tracy Reese... Best was the satin gown at Pamella Roland. Another trend spotted were the Goddess inspired dresses (Pamella's is on loan to Debra Messing...)

Peanut Wonderland
Jam is over! During Fashion Week, we survived on spoonfuls of Peanut Butter & Co's White Chocolate Wonderful (yes it is), Dark Chocolate Dreams (yes we did) and Cinnamon Raisin (there are no funny raisin jokes.) www.ilovepeanutbutter.com

Mambo Italiano
Our film reviewer says it's My Big Fat Greek Wedding but... gay and... Italian and ...in Canada.

Vegetarian Miracle
Our biz affairs person threw a tub of Davines Vegetarian Miracle at us, ranting deliriously about how she, herself was now a vegetarian miracle. (She is a vege and apparently her frizzy red hair turned into bouncing soft curls overnight.) www.davines.com

Winter Preview
Care to list the gratuities you're willing to give your lunch club on a clipboard? With a resurgence of snow gear, plan on finding us this Winter, for the midday meal at the Eagle Club in Gstaad. We've already decided on Post Card's ultra light snow suit (the lightest snow jacket on the market) and the Burton backpack (the one with the flask and cards). See you out dancing at GreenGo at the Gstaad Palace Hotel!

Special thanks to Glamour Magazine and Cynthia Leive for their divine editors lounge during Fashion Week.
With pampering by Essie, Bobbi Brown, Le Sportsac, Mario Badescu, they cleaned us up real nice for our FN photo op.

above: pretty blouses dominated at the Kati Stern for Venexiana Spring 2004 Runway Show.
Photography courtesy of Jayme Thornton

Truly odd, this one is for those who can't stand milk in their coffee.
Yes, Virginia, there is a site for everything.


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