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This Week's HipBites

Fall Fashion Week Begins

A sneak peek at life in the trenches of fashion week.

This week: What We Liked
Next time: The Trends

Monday 9/8 COUNTDOWN
9:18 a.m.
Superstar concierge service Mint LA obtains a clear rubber tote that will be toting our notebooks all around the tents. Since the bags are on the black market - no, we can't name them here- we keep getting emails from crazed eBay sellers who want $500 for the bags.

2:37 p.m.
Our editor friend at Fairchild who covers bags wants to know why the folks at Paul Wilmot have not gotten back to us re the Gwen Stefani LeSportsac event which kicks off tonight. Oy.

3:22 p.m.
The IT PR folks call. The Sassoon launch on Wednesday is completely overrun. 600 extra people have RSVPd so they're calling to give us special instructions. It's the little things in life that make the difference. Love them.

4:55 p.m.
Nancy Kane who used to work at Susan Magrino is having a fabulous benefit event with Michelle Branch singing -she emails to follow up. Our assistant RSVPs us for a dinner with Bebe Buell. Groupies. They crack us up. Custo is launching shoes. They will be all the rage.

6:39 p.m.
Ack! We forgot to RSVP to Nancy for Ferragamo on Friday and Mark Silver wants to know if we're coming to Tracy Reese and Vasseur Esquivel. Our Fashion Week intern freaks out. She's a Tent Virgin.

Tuesday 9/9
We are late late late for the launch of Lulu Guinness' sunglasses line. Super stylish Gabriela Allen of Tura also put us into retro white and crystal sunglasses last year. The new line does not disappoint. Metallic frames with stars, pink polka dotted glamour frames, something for everyone. We place an order for stupendous gold glitter frame sunglasses.

End up having to miss Candy Pratts Price and Anna Wintour's cocktails for Manolo Blahnik at Phillips AND Norah's Bebe Buell dinner. Only Tuesday and we're already a week behind.

At the Canal Room opening, white $2000 Mies van Der Rohe chairs are not the only thing that make it completely unrecognisable from the old Shine. It is GOR-geous. PM Dawn performs. They are still scorching. Marcus whispers that he has a source for us for the Mies chairs. Hmm. Just got hot red chair from Room One, so space would be tight.

Wednesday 9/10
The plastic tote is a hit. A stranger stops us on West Broadway and Prince - offers up $1000!! if we will take everything out and turn over the bag that second. Um, no.

At the Sassoon launch, some of the execs look old enough to remember the first time around. They're lucky their brand is so hot. Wasn't it Oooh la la Sasson? Sassoon? How many 'o's? Oooh la la confused. Hotshot papparazzi shutterbug Chance Yeh is snapping away. We run off to Lady Enyce at Show. With Michael K opening later this week, their showing seems to get stronger and stronger. Contemplate going to Roy Liebenthal's new POP Burger for the party but decide to save our energies.

Thursday 9/11
Somber day. Some people are biz as usual, others are all spazzola. We skip the fashion thing for the day and go to Tracey and Mose's new restaurant client, The Sunburnt Cow. Australia has been all the buzz -we're in agreement having just picked up the Australian Fashion Targets Breast Cancer t shirt - but "rugged Australian" we're told is "it" (?). Not just Kylie Minogue.

Friday 9/12
At the tents it's a zoo to get in. We finagle a white wine from a waiter and two Fijis, our favourite water, and guzzle all three in alternate chugs. Photogs shooting Beyonce run us over. GF's line is yummy. White leather, with studs, their trademark. Can't help but wonder if they've raided the Anorexics Anonymous meeting for models however.

Outside we run into Leon Hall, Patrick McDonald, and Marcus from Flaunt. Ten minutes of chit chat, snag a skin tight Ferre T and we're off like last year's pashmina.

Ferragamo is chaotic. Just like when Gucci opened years ago down the block. We pass Alek Wek, Damon Dash, Anh Duong and Ric Pipino (not together) before the overpowering perfume of the Ladies Who Lunch sucks us down and we break up. One goes home...

...and one of us goes to the Ford Model party at the Avalon (the old Limelight). Space looks suspiciously like the briefly open Estate. We skip Jeremy Scott at Deitch Projects (too downtown) and Diesel in Union Square (bad timing). Illya Knight says Jeremy Scott will be so fierce - and he's always right- but there's a bottle of Advil with our names on it.
Read The Daily on the way home.
Drop two cubes of Comfort Zone inner-c into a tub and hop in.

Saturday 9/13
It's pouring. Can we bless Mint LA again for our waterproof tote? A Redbook staffer at Patrik Rzepski offers to buy it for cold hard cash. (Yikes, what would we carry our stuff in?) Patrik's show is Lower East side punk ish. We like his little strapless ruffle dress and think he will be in all the hot indie shops before the year is out.

5:43 p.m. FUSHA
How do we get our grubby mitts on the white leather dress and striped halter disco number at Fusha. It's impressive. Maria Claudinette Pierre-Jean, wife of Wyclef Jean, could have been just another mogul's wife turned designer, but thank heavens she's not. We run to Patrick Bradbury's show Kati Stern for Venexiana....

We hear that the door at the Baby Phat party at Hue is a clusterf**k so we pass. Should we go to Sanctum, the new lounge at the Tribeca Grand for MJ Diehls' House of Diehl? We love MJ even though last Fashion Week she dropped a coupla drinks on us at Lotus. Hmmm...

Sunday 9/14
10:28 a.m. TRACY REESE
The most beautiful is a strapless red and white number that would have made a modern day Scarlett O'Hara jealous.

Tessa Oh's high concept, low cost, silk satin jumpsuit and dress numbers thrill us. Our favourite she calls the Vagina dress. Tessa turns up at her party with a flashing rubber ball pendant.

We miss Lacoste, Vasseur Esquivel, but make it to the Daily party. Everyone should kickoff Fashion Week with an open champagne bar. It's divine....

1. Avalon, POP Burger and Canal Room will be the place to be seen.
2. Contraband clear plastic totes that resemble a certain haute couture classic bag but can't be named in print, are the rage.
3. Can't swing a LeSportsac without hitting a Sassoon'd butt. When Lacoste is in, you know the 80s are "in" in full force.
4. Pamella Roland is the next Oscar de la Renta. She dresses Sharon Stone, Sofia Milos from CSI and soap stars love her.
5. Keep an eye out for the label Yaudie.


above membership to anything we could want.
Our Mint LA member card with the secret number blocked out...


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