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Save Our Sushi

At HipGuide, we're just not crunchy.
We didn't read "Fast Food Nation" because we were afraid it would interfere with our ability to throw cash at Peter Luger's Steakhouse!

So when we were told: water issues were hip, we thought

But being told that in your future, the bottled water we love so much could cost $100, or there might be no more sushi for us (life without Kitana! no Sushi Samba! fish-less Nobu?!?!?!), or when we go to L.A. in 2020 that there won't be tap water!?!??!
We freaked out.

Love Rio?

Mercury lead and aluminum have washed up onto the shores of Brazil.

Fancying a trip to Capri this summer?

Water species in the Mediterranean have been eating garbage and their own waste to avoid poisoned algae.

Live in L.A.?

In 2020, you won't have enough water.

Love sushi?

Eating a small amount of fish from a contaminated waterway is even more dangerous than drinking water from the contaminated source for 100 years.

Bad night out at Rehab or Crobar?

Diarrhea kills over 2 million (mostly kids) a year.

Since we mostly write about $300 bottles of Dom, if we dedicate our voice to something else, you know it's pretty important. We learned this crash course, in little notsoHipBites.
And we included awesome, hiptips at the bottom for you...

*Every 8 seconds a child dies from water contamination.

*10,000 people die every day from water and sanitation related diseases

*1.5 mill people get Hepatitis A annually.

*1.3 billion people have no access to clean water.

*2.4 billion people have no access to sanitation services.

*1/3 of the world's people do not have access to waste disposal.

*22% of the world lives in China and 80% of it's waterways are too polluted for consumption.

*17 of the world's fastest growing cities with populations over 10 mill are in developing nations.

*60% of disease is caused by deficient water supply.

Water issues.
We thought it was readily avail. and our biggest problem was Fiji or Glaceau!

At the fabulous Issey Miyake, Joseph La Piana exhibit we cornered Warren Liebold, at Conservation for New York. He had some super tips not as boring as your usual "don't flush mumbo jumbo" (who does that, euuwww.)
What can you do? He said:

*If you can hear your toilet "running", there are hundreds of gallons flowing down the drain each day. Test a tank- and- bowl- type toilet for leaks by placing some vegetable dye in the tank and waiting 5-10 minutes to see if any shows up in the bowl.

*Don't use in- tank toilet cleaners, they corrode the flapper and cause leaks. In-bowl cleaners are fine.

*Use a water-saving showerhead.

*Don't wash less than a full load of clothes. Even washers which say they have settings for partial loads of wash run less efficiently in that mode and use the same amount of electricity.

*Modern dishwashers, if run only when full or close to it, are probably more water- efficient than doing dishes by hand.

*If you see an open hydrant call 311.

Sure your parents didn't teach you how to Fed Ex your leftover water at dinner to needy countries but from saving your sushi to keeping the world alive, there's nothing hipper.

Some cool sites!





above Water Photograph by Artist Joseph LaPiana.

See the work at Tribeca Issey Miyake in NYC. Staley-Wise reps Joseph LaPiana; his full catalogue is on view/for sale via that gallery, located in SoHo. Work can also be purchaed directly from the artist via studio visit (which can be arranged by calling 646-654-9066).


1. fresh launching grooming products for guys
2. super shopping slash bar spot Lounge in NYC's Soho
3. Escada's scorching summer shades taken directly from classic shapes
4. MSI's release of Au Bar, a compilation of those tunes you heard in the 80s at the Manhattan classic
5. satellite radio service Sirius' launch
6. Jennie Saunders NYC Members Only Core Club
7. Sigerson shoes and weird rubber coral-shaped bowls via vending machine at the Jacob Javits Furniture Fair this month in Manhattan

Mom too cool for a boring flower of the month club? Sign her up for the t shirt of the month club. An artsy little T every month at www.KAdorable.com

Juicy Tubes are great, but a girl's best friend is also that grade school classic, Bonne Bell. Did you even know they are still around? We discovered Smackers in Pink Lemon. At $3 a pop and tasting suspiciously like Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, yum!

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