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History Repeating

No, we're not talking about the 80s!
It's the whole cabaret feeling that's in the air.
As we go into the Year of the Sheep, it seems that the way the Chinese believe in all things circling back, the trend now is that everything that's REALLY really old is... well, red velvet, plush ostrich feathers, fedoras..... Is it the speculation that we're in a time just before war?

Who knows but as the Shirley Bassey song goes, "it seems quite clear that it's all just a little bit of history repeating." From Moulin Rouge to Gangs of NY, the vamp and scoundrel is in.

So get yourself an awesome old fashioned shave, pick up an old style hat, and check out cabaret being back. Not the cheesy musical! Have you seen Rouge perform? The new dance troupe that took the stage with their Vegas style head dresses nearly stole the show at NY Fashion Week's Lane Bryant extravaganza from Roseanne. Even well- weathered Steven Tyler was distracted by the shaking feather tails.

Even the PT Cruiser looks suspiciously ...Weimar. The bad gone, the culture remaining; Berlin is a destination city and if you type in the words cabaret movement, whole pages of Weimar-esque theatre comes up. Whole classes at UNC and Binghamton U are devoted to it.

It's time right now to remind yourself that bad girls do get publicity, just listen to the Chicago soundtrack. Speaking of bad girls, Lizzie is on deck for the opening night of Show Nightclub. Pick yourself up a ceiling mounted swing for your revue (just like the one Vanessa Noel has) in time for the opening of such places like Show.

Just don't swing while boozing.
And guess what - thank heavens to Betsey for our dry cleaning bills - cosmos are finally out! Highballs (Ciroc or Skyy vodka & tonic, Johnnie Walker whiskey high balls) and gin rickeys are way in.

Cheers to Ms Shirley's "next big thing", the cabaret era being here!

above Daniel Isengart and the Rouge Coquettes at Lane Bryant's Grand Cabaret

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