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This Week's HipBites

Pop goes the Art

Can we say 4 fabulous parties in 3 of HipGuide's favourite cities!.

Let's face it. If you have A.D.D. sometimes art is boh-ring.
But add a little bubbly, a few celebs and the fact that this NY- Chicago- Miami art tour is all champagne- inspired pieces...
Well, that's a whole new game.

POP! Champagne's POP Culture Road Show is the funnest, silliest, chicest art- fashion exhibition we've heard about in awhile...
With a party kicking off each city, then an open to the public, silent auction, you can own the one- of- a- kind pieces done by local artists.
And we have tickets for the 4 invite- only shindigs...

Party 1: NYC October 17th-24th
Fashion week doesn't seem over as the tour opens with a reception at British Khaki, at 62 Greene Street, and around the champagne will be pieces by such art heavies as Dakota Jackson. We're thinking we'll bid on things like:
Heatherette's sparkling tee- shirt;
or Betsey Johnson's "POP" vintage dress;
or HipGuide fave Rod Keenan's fur felt men's hat...
Sherry Donghia's POP graffiti chair or our pal, uber shutterbug Patrick McMullan's exploding effect photo would also be pretty cool in our living room.

Two tickets will be given away to the NY Opening reception to the first registered HipGuide reader who correctly answers this question: From HipGuide.com, which hotelier in NY is giving Ian Schrager and Andre Balaz a run for their money on West 44th Street? Email responses to suggestions@hipguide.com

Party 2: Chicago Oct 30th-Nov 5th
The Midwest art contingent kicks some butt with performance artist Toula Vivilakis (2La)'s live-performance piece. It's an 8' x 12' wall with 6 live dancers inside.
The opening party and then ongoing silent auction will be at the Collaboraction Studios, at 2046 West Carroll. A sneak peek at the goods includes:
contemporary artist extraordinaire Ed Paschke with a specially designed mask with POP on top;
John Dempsey with a POP/Cubistic canvas painting;
Mark Murphy with a personalized collage;
and (No you can't buy the 6 dancers. Don't embarass us by trying.)

Two tickets will be given away to the Chicago party to the first registered HipGuide reader who correctly answers this question: According to HipGuide, where in the Windy City does one go for Billy Zane sightings? Email responses to suggestions@hipguide.com

Party 3: Miami November 7th-14th
Bienvenido at Mee-am-ee! Third leg. Road Show. Opening shindig at British Khaki, at 180 NE 39th Street in the Design District. Up for grabs to your hip little hands once you let go of the champagne flute...
a Roy Lichtenstein inspired ceramic tiles sequential mural piece by local artist Rodney Jackson;
a Michelle Weinberg canvas;
and Louis Schneiderman's light table images.

Two tickets will be given away to the Miami "do" to the first registered HipGuide reader who correctly answers this question: According to the HipGuide site, which restaurant in Miami most reminds us of the dinner show in Vegas? Email responses to suggestions@hipguide.com

Grand Finale in NYC November 20th
The close out, blow out bash at a club in NYC will announce all the silent auction winners of the "POP collection". Don't expect Shaggy the crasher cause its secret location will only be revealed to the winner:

To win the Grand Finale tickets, be the first registered HipGuide reader who correctly answers this question: Name three members only clubs currently recommended on www.HipGuide.com, one each for Las Vegas, London and NY. Email responses to suggestions@hipguide.com

One winner per city. Each winner may only win for one city. All giveaway regs apply. Prize may not be transferred or traded in for cash. All answers to be judged at sole discretion of HipGuide, with decisions being final. All proceeds of the tour will benefit the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA), Fellowships in the Visual Arts Program (FVA). The POP Culture Road Show will continue throughtout select cities in Europe later this year.

above: a POP-inspired photograph from the exhibit by Chicago artist Saverio Truglia

to Leah Dann!, the winner of last week's 2 VIP tickets to the Hotel Costes launch party!

THE store front on Prince St that had people lined up around the block to see 9-11 caught on film by NYers. Sadly they did finally have to close the exhibition.
The book they put out benefits The Children's Aid Society.
Buy it.
HERE IS NEW YORK: A Democracy of...

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