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This Week's HipBites

A Movie Star Life on A Starlet Budget

There's a recession, we say? Naw, really you smarm back.
But even in tight times, the fabulous life can be had. There are certain things no self - respecting movie star would be without.

1. Get your own private island
So you can't afford to buy your own island like Chris Blackwell. But you can rent your own. For just $55 a day, you can have the 36.35 acres that is Ilha do Pico in Brazil
Nope. It's no joke. And if you change your mind.
Buy one.

2. Submit to the cult that is Scientology
Okay, people. It's a cult. We don't care if they do have John Travolta. It's still a cult. But hey, maybe you'll get invited to the Oscars. And because your eyes are blind from reading scripts, this is the Dianetics book on tape

3. Remove your Sopranos - Joey Tribiani accent
Real New Yorkers do not say New Yawk. Especially in Hollywood. On your rise up, hire a celeb speech therapist like Sam Chwat to make your provenance...mysterious and alluring. He worked with Puffy to add a Southern accent for Monster's Ball. Marcia Gay Harden ADDED a Brooklyn accent to win her Oscar. Sam can be found at 212 242 8435. Hey he even gave Tony Danza a workable career voice!

4. Switch from water to champagne
Don't tell us you can't afford Pol Roger's 88 Sir Winston Churchill. At $1317 and change, we know it won't make a dent in your Hermes wallet, but on the off - chance that today's Dow upset you...
POP Champagne's 187 ml, annual sponsors to Sir Elton John's InStyle Oscar party, can be had for a mere $10. If it's good enough for the models at every Betsey Johnson show...(p.s you are coming to our Feel Like A Model event, right?)

5. Forego Nobu, go for Krispy Kreme
Fans of both? Julia Roberts. Jimmy Buffett. Nicole Kidman. The Beastie Boys.
$10 = 1 piece of of toro at Nobu
$10 = 15 Krispy Kreme doughnuts
I mean Mr. Matsuhisa, really.

6. Put your mug on a bag for friends to carry around
Liam Neeson, Kate Moss, Minnie Driver have all put a pic on their own bag since Anya Hindmarch launched her Be A Bag service, but this Fall she adds Dispatch, a unisex messenger bag. We're surprised that Paris Hilton doesn't have her lackeys, oops, we mean friends, carrying her image around all day as they fetch her dry cleaning.

7. Travel only by private jet
We know that wasn't YOU hocking your GV on eBay, but if it was... Marquis Private Jets can sell you access to your own jet for a mere $100k a year.
Or if you can afford the $4mill to refuel a GV, in the words of Ferris, "there is no substitute"

8. Rub elbows with other celebs
Feeling isolated on your island? Check out Sandy Lane resort in the Barbados - 30% off right now. Check out, uh, share space with, Mick Jagger, Donatella Versace, Joan Collins, Liv and Royston, Cindy and Rande. Drop your saved $ on Longcils Boncza, once mascara to Marilyn Monroe, now Catherine Zeta- Jones & a pair of Evolution Gear sunglasses.

9. Hire a bodyguard
Now that we've ribbed Tony Danza, Nobu, Paris Hilton and said that Scientology is a cult, we're going to really need the bodyguards to the stars.
Good luck trying to get near any HipGuide staffer ever again.

Music rising starlet: Blu Cantrell, at Vogue & Ellen Tracy's Benefit for the Rainforest Alliance last week

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