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A boxer by any other name...

Let's be honest now. It takes a lot to surprise us. A lot.

When we were first invited to the Intimo Fall intimates showing with Chippendales, we thought it was just another lingerie company. More satin pajamas for men? *yawn* Guys clothes are sometimes so limiting. But then we saw the novelty collection.

The Banana Coin Slot boxer. The Hot Dog Coin Slot boxer. The Fire boxer. The Elephant boxer. And our favourite, the Pump It Coin Slot boxer. Yes, that's what it's really named. Each men's boxer has the graphic printed over the fly, making the most of, um, the hidden pun found in biology. So the hot dog coin slot, well the coin slot is the fly and if we need to tell you what constitutes the hot dog coming out of the bun graphic, then you need a copy of Our Bodies Ourselves. With the Pump It coin slot, the graphic is a gasoline station gas dispenser. One guess on what the hose is. After we stopped roaring with laughter, well, it just wouldn't be us if we didn't find some way to share this delightful collection with you. We arranged something special for you:

One HipSet member (guy or girl) will win three pairs of the collection (one Banana, one Elephant, and one more sedate silk boxer), no purchase necessary. (Randomly drawn and the usual Giveaway regs apply) And for all HipGuide readers ordering online at www.intimo.com, if you use a code exclusive to HipGuide, "fashionfromintimo", you will receive a 25% discount off of your order. There's no better time to stock up on PJs and undies for guys and gals!

Makeup company Three Custom is a cult favourite of Sophia Coppola, Jamie Lynn Sigler and of course, HipGuide...

Click here to check out their ready to wear and custom colouring online at threecustom.com

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