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Are You On The IT List?

Who doesn't love a giftbag? And if you're a celebrity the level of Hollywood royalty, those giftbags are not mere trinkets. They come stuffed to the brim with all the best things. Armani, Acqua di Parma, Kate Spade. One HipSet member is about to find out what it means to get star treatment.Every year Entertainment Weekly ranks all the movers and shakers in entertainment. It's called the IT List 100 and if you were in NYC last night and with us, Hayden Christiansen, Lara Flynn Boyle and Tom Cruise, then you would have been at Milk Studios at the first annual party celebrating the list. Mos Def and Moby lounged on pillows silkscreened with pages from EW - such as The Shaw Report. Jimmy Fallon, Shannon Elizabeth, and Heather Graham sipped star fruit ITtinis. Summer and Rain Phoenix nibbled on IT food - the BriskIT of Beef Buffet and the BurrITto Bar. Maura Tierney, the ER doc who is this year's IT List Sponge Bath Hot Pants listened to Macy Gray. Paul Sorvino and Jordana Brewster got down to DJs John Digweed and Cameron Douglas.

David Copperfield teased us about our CEO's Moschino playing card skirt. And then we took home the goodies...Chances are, you might not have gotten a giftbag so we got an extra for one lucky winner (to be drawn at random). One HipSet member will receive an A/X Armani Exchange duffel bag packed tight with goodies just like what the stars got. What's in it you say? Take a deep breath. Here we go:

Ray Ban black Aviators, a Cynthia Steffe crochet sweater, Jockey boxer briefs and undershirt, Dobre Goods makeup bag, gold beaded evening bag by Inge Christopher, Kate Spade body lotion and perfume, Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret and Star, 12 Krispy Kreme donuts - yes donuts!, Devra Bader lip lacquer, Austin Powers Goldmember flip flops - they leave a G in the sand when you walk!- in a beach bag, a full Graham Webb hair care system, Mighties Magnets bulletin board, movie passes to Loews Cineplex, giant mint Skittles, Alpha-Beta Hydroxy home facial peel system, Prescriptives Celebrity Survival Kit cosmetics, Ravinstyle womens BVDs, M & Ms candy dispenser, A/X Armani Exchange bracelets, Dr Wieder tongue brush, Spanx body shaping footless pantyhose, Vera Wang body lotion, Universal Music Group assorted CDs and even more...

Phew. Feel like a celeb yet? Winner will be announced next week. Don't say we don't treat you like the star you are!

Special thanks to Patrick McMullan for his gorgeous pic of Hayden Christiansen above

Patrick McMullan online

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